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Friday, June 09, 2006

Losing the magic ingredient?

Now I'm sure the whole DOND community is delighted that we are faced with a dozen or so games next week, to compensate the public for the ignominy of an early World Cup exit and/or for having to put up with the tournament at all.

Based on the admittedly sexist anti-theory that women who don't like football would rather watch a 50-something beardy with pen marks on his hand than Lampard, Gerrard and Owen with their muscular legs on show, Channel 4 would seem to be onto a winner.

But are we in danger of losing a key aspect of the show for regular viewers?

It's often been said on this blog that regular viewers like the "courtship" involved in the UK version of DOND. We get an average of 21 shows to get to know the players before they take that walk of wealth: why else would Pat M, Lucy and Smiler Dave still be top of the pops so long after their shows?

Now, with the danger of missing a few shows for the sake of mouth-watering fixtures in the World Cup, will we still know the players as well? And more importantly for the appeal of the show, will we care as much whether they win big money?

Just recently, a series of familiar DOND players such as Buzz, Stevie the Black Widow, icy Jainie and wise Suzanne have left our screens, followed swiftly by grumpy Drew, pierced Becca and now cheery Peter. Given the rapid-fire loss of so many long-serving notables, it somehow feels as though their replacements are less personality-driven. For me, only a handful such as Scott and Louise feel like familiar faces at the moment.

By next weekend, the law of averages suggests that more than half of Peter's 21 colleagues in today's show will be gone.

Will regular viewers, interrupted by the football, take kindly to "losing" two established players each day? Will it lead to disengagement from the roster of players? I hope not, but I do hope Channel 4 know what they're doing!


Anonymous said...

"Will regular viewers, interrupted by the football, take kindly to "losing" two established players each day?"

I've seen what they're doing next week (I won't spoil it here but wikipedia / dond uk has the details) and I don't think they're losing 2 players a day. I may have misunderstood the plans though.

Anonymous said...

I am corrected.

When I read that past players were coming back, I thought they were going to play, perhaps for Charity. I didn't realise it was just for catchup purposes - not that it's not good to see them.

Therefore yes, you ask a good question. 13 shows. 13 / 22 players. That is a lot of new faces.

But then the other way to look at it is this: Casual viewers won't care about familiar faces. New viewers won't either really. Only veteran viewers like us will, and we'll be watching every ep anyway.