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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Lee's Game

Noel greets the wings and welcomes us to the dream factory as usual. Today's shirt is surprisingly boring being a plain bluey-grey colour with a non obvious pattern.
His speech runs along the lines of how the players have to ask themselves if they have that extra bit of "oomph" to risk everything and win a life changing sum of money. He reminds us that this afternoon Debbie ran out of "oomph" and didn't win the top prize.

Whilst the selector does it's selecting, his words are "The show shines a light on the individual that sits in the crazy chair." And that individual is Lee.

Lee seems happy as he bounces around like he's already won the top prize.
To counter this he jokes he wanted to be a librarian when he was young. He says he likes to get people pumped up and you get the impression he's just an average outgoing guy off the street.
He's a stocky fella - a publican (pub owner) from Kent. His fiance Tracy is here, and they're planning to get married on Aug 25th - but "don't worry, it's all paid for" he directs towards the banker.
He states he's happy with life and would like "a couple of quid." He considers himself very lucky because of his fiance and children. He supports Chelsea and likes English cricket, he's not superstitous but has a few numbers in reserve.
Finally, his photos are of his fiance and daughter.

Noel points out that Friday night had box 22, Saturday afternoon had box 22, and now Lee has box 21. Could that be a sign? Who knows.

Round 1
  • Pierre - £500. He's happy with that.
  • Amy (Chosen because of her lovely smile - and who wouldn't) - 10p. Lee greets it with a very excitable response.
  • Shirley - £10,000. "It's alright" he responds quickly.
  • Al the fireman - £250. "yeeees, come oooon" shouts Lee.
  • Ashok finishes the round giving us £1,000. Another bout of "come oooon".
Noel asks if it's safe to return. with the air coming out of Lee's mouth you can't blame him.

Marcus is back! He states that "I'm brilliant so I am" and that everything's going well. He's gotten used to people stopping him in the street and taking photos and says "he's back where he belongs."
Marcus gives advice to Lee: Don't get nervous, just have as much fun as you can. Lee thanks him for the good advice.

Noel reminds us of this afternoon's result. The banker will be happy buying a box worth 250k for 15k.
Unsurpisingly, the banker opens with: "I'm a little bit tipsy" - on 3 x year 1904 bottles of wine. He's "drinking one, and fondling the other two". He has Lee down as the most comitted 'no dealer' he's ever seen.

The first offer: £7,000... nope, £8,000... nope, £9,000... £10,000... nope, £11,000. One of Noel's little teasers to gauge the response. Lee looked happy at 7, says 10 would be very very good and 11 is "a crackin offer". Even so, he made his decision very quickly - no deal. Another shout to motivate the room sends Noel flying back in fear for his shirt!

Round 2
  • Frank - £50,000. A quiet hiss takes over the studio and Lee looks evidentally miffed.
  • Paul - £100
Noel reminds us that Lee has just received "the 2nd highest opening offer ever" and asks Ryan what will happen next. Ryan correctly predicts it's time for a break.

After the break Saj talks us into Marcus's show.
Channel 4 show another fantastic montage of Marcus's show. If you need reminding, he was the camp guy who turned DOND into a chat show to help make his decisions - he really really enjoyed it. £8, £16.5, £23, £31 (which he took). He had £100 in the box.

Back to Lee's game now.
  • Ryan - £5,000. Lee is very fast to tell us that's alright.

The banker acknowledges that Lee is doing well and he's pleased to see Marcus. Marcus says hi and the banker says "right back at cha" under the premise it was "two chums having fun" (something Marcus said in his show).
Noel sounds surprised at the 2nd offer. It matches Marcus's 2nd offer: £16,500.

Lee says it's a very good offer and decides to go for a sweep. It looks like he's already decided - I think he just wants a bit of egging on. He only does the west wing who basically say he knows what he's gonna do and not to deal. He doesn't deal.

Round 3 and we're not in special number territory just yet.
Bianca - £35,000
Sal - £20,000
Linda E - £100,000

Lee tries not to show it but it's obvious he's a bit miffed. He works through it by clapping the crowd up.

Noel reminds us the quarter mill is still in play. Marcus says "It's still all to play for".
Noel tells us of Lee's dreams: Opening the batting at Lords, Scoring for Chelsea, Starring opposite Ray Winston in a Western, Showing Gordon Ramsey how to cook and swear, Taking a huge amount of money off the banker.

The banker describes the round as "truly dreadful" and gives Lee the chance to leave "with dignity" offering £10,000. Lee says he wasn't expecting it. With 7:4 blue:red I'd have to agree. Though 250k and 75k are still in play.

He sweeps the East Wing. Each of the players says carry on. He then asks his fiance who looks quite miffed that he didn't ask her first. She doesn't respond.

It's a no deal.

Round 4
Wayne - £75,000. A quiet hiss goes round.
New player Linda B - £50
Mel - 1p. He's ecstatic, his fiance is chuffed too.

Noel points out that £15k and £250k are still there. £15 being what Debbie won and £250k being what she could have won. He then says that the banker probably realises the chances of 250k being on the table two games in a row is unlikely.

The banker calls and states he thinks Lee doesn't believe the 250k is there. Lee replies by saying "it's all random so why can't it be there?" He looks genuine.
The banker gives a compliment and puts the offer up to a whopping... £10,001

Lee states he's had some "nice offers" and that they've all been good for him. He weighs 10k up against 250k. Asks the audience to stand if they'd deal. Not one person does.
The question is asked and he .... deals! His fiance is happy, he looks quite shocked he said it.

The reason: He lied - the wedding isn't paid off. He says he doesn't have to worry about it and they've got money for the honeymoon as well. Nice to see the mind games reversed.

We play on.

Hypothetical Round 5
Eileen - £10
Vic - £5. Very little noise in the studio.
Roy - £3,000

Le looks a bit miffed. His fiance seems less bothered.

Offer: £25,000. The banker claims that's the £10,000 + £15,000 that Debbie had.
Lee's not sure if he'd deal or not but Tracy is very sure - she'd deal.

Noel uses the usual big words stating it had been an extraordinary Saturday and Lee could have made a catastropic deal.

Hypothetical Round 6
Sue - 50p. Lee says it's not funny anymore. Noel throws some salt in by reminding him the 250k is still there.
Yvonne - £250,000. It's a relief to see Lee jump around again - he's been pretty quiet for a while.
Mark - £750.

With £1 and £15,000 on the board the offer is £4,001. Lee says wouldn't have dealt. I'm not so sure I believe him.

He has ... £15,000 in his box.

It was a bit of a rollercoaster for Lee. Very excitable at the start, a little subdued during the mid section and he was really wondering where that 250k was - until it was found - then he was back to his overexcitable self. He seems a bit miffed he didn't win 15k or 25k, but still, 10k is pretty good. It'll go towards a nice wedding and honeymoon.

The banker has won this Saturday but there's always tomorrow.

On an unrelated note I'd like to say that this report has taken a lot longer to produce than I thought it would. Despite typing as the show went along and tidying bits up during the breaks it's still taken me 40 mins after the show has finished! I suddenly have a new found respect for Sue doing this every day.

Lee won £10,001


Steve said...

Well done Bairy: writing the game report is enormous fun once you get going, isn't it? But I entirely agree that Iain and Sue show remarkable commitment to do this every day.

Re tonight's show, was that really true about Marcus having a newspaper column and a radio show back in Belfast? I am outraged (or jealous: you decide...)

bairy said...

I would very much expect so. He's an outgoing bubbly confident guy with a great sense of humour and a real get-out-there attitude.

Media would be stupid to let him pass.

Gillean said...

Well done Bairy, another excellent report, the standard all week has been superb.

Chris S said...

Another cracking report, but I am proud of my record of 12 minutes he he...

Gillean said...

Ah the young - there used to be a song out by a woman who sang '...I like a slow hand'.

Anonymous said...

great review, anyone have any idea where old joseph has vanished too, did i miss his game?

bairy said...

It's funny you should mention Joseph. After the game had finished I thought "I never heard Joseph's name" but I didn't check during the game.

Wikipedia's daily game reports (they feature each offer, what was taken and who replaced the player) says simply that Joseph didn't get to play.
Perhaps he just didn't fancy it in the end