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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Debbie's game report

Hello, everyone its Chris (the student), gearing up to do todays report. Please don't be too hard on me!!
I better get on with it as the opening credits are rolling.

Noel does his usual opening, "22 boxes etc...". He is wearing a shirt that looks like something has been spilt on it.

He opens once again by talking about the Dream Factory, and waffles a bit about the viewers competitions. He says that there are no questions apart from the test of nerve. He notes how badly the week has been going. He mentions Chrissie's game and talks about the players having courage.

And next into the head basket is Debbie, from Stretford in Manchester, who looks absolutely terrified as her name is revealed. She has got Box 22 (oo could be interesting, 22 is always a biggie). Its box 22 for the second consecutive show. She's shows pics of her two daughters, who are willing her on today. She says she will "go for it". She then shows pictures of her late parents and says that they are there in spirit. She admits to being scared of heights, but then says that she took a charity parachute jump. A brave one here methinks. Noel talks about how spooky it is that Box 22 is there again. After confirming the usual blabbery, she begins....

Round 1
  • 1. Box 12 - Amy £750 - Big cheers all round. Noel warns against the catflap.
  • 2. Box 2 - Ryan £50 - Very big cheers all round.
  • 3. Box 17 - Frank £500 - What a start!! Can she keep it going? Noel asks her about her tactics. She says that her children had given her a sequence of numbers.
  • 4. Box 10 - (Edible) Pennie £15,000 - Bound to happen, a few oos from the audience
  • 5. Box 11 - Alan £10 - Great first round.

Noel rabbits on about the All-Blue opening again, and tries to get the crowd going. Its quite a quiet one so far. The Banker rings for the first time, which (inexplicably) surprises Debbie. The Banker is impressed that she works for a bank. And he really likes people who very gently help other people into debt. The first offer is £9,000. A great opening offer, but no-one really thinks that she will take it. Debbie says that she appreciates the offer but immediately says No Deal. Onwards and Upwards then.

Round 2
  • 6. Box 16 - Vic £50,000 - groans from the audience, but not too much damage done at this stage.
  • 7. Box 7 - Lee £100,000 - now its beginning to hurt a bit, the smile begininning to look a little strained.

Noel calls a break, saying how the £250,000 at this point would ruin the game. After the break, and a few more cautioning words from Noel, she continues.... but changes her mind... keep an eye on box number 8.

  • 8. Box 13 - Wayne (who messed the game up yesterday) £35,000 - A very bad round, but could easily turn around at this point. The odds of her hitting a big one are now 2 against 12.

The Banker is celebrating, he is clearly trying to crush her with an offer of £3,100. Another immediate No Deal.
She says that at her job she has to be quick due to people telephoning from Phone Boxes (inspired)

Round 3
  • 9. Box 8 - Sally £20,000 - wouldn't have made much difference really. 4 big reds in a row.
  • 10. Box 3 - Yvonne £3,000 - the reds keep coming. The number of blues left could help her later.
  • 11. Box 6 - Eileen £100 - More like it, not expecting a great offer though. Debbie points out that she still has the 250k and the 75k.

The Banker says that she is very focused and deserves a decent offer. Its £12,000, much higher than I was expecting. She thinks a for a bit longer this time, but then says No Deal. Now its gonna get interesting, if she can avoid the big two the offers are gonna get a lot higher.
She talks about her stars telling her to carry on.
She amusingly tells the contestants to "Hold on to your hats!"

Round 4
  • 12. Box 18 - Sue £75,000 - Big ouch there, large groans from the audience, another crash and burn?
  • 13. Box 14 - Roy £1,000 - The reds just keep on coming.
Noel calls another break at this point after asking Linda E whether she reads her stars, getting a pretty batty reply. After the break she decides this time to stick with her choice...
  • 14. Box 4 - Linda E £5,000 - Noel says she has decimated the red side of the board.

She is now 6 blues against 2 reds, with the lowest 5 boxes still in play. Noel says her attitude is "scrummy". The Banker is worried about Debbie's reading of the stars. He says Saturn is rising which means, he is an evil banker, and will create the first female member of the 1p club. She (obviously) disagrees. The offer is £7,500, which strikes me as a bit mean. With very little hesitation she says No Deal.

Round 5
  • 15. Box 19 - Bianca £10,000 - Only the 250k left now. Looking extremely exposed.
  • 16. Box 9 - Ashok 10p - Much better, she needs to keep it going though. One slip and its game over.
  • 17. Box 20 - Melanie £1 - Great stuff.

Well its all or nothing now, this has a stunning resemblance to (1p) Trevor's game. Will she carry on?
She says that the experience is like having a baby, and taunts the banker for being slow to call. I'm liking her more and more now. Noel tries to talk to her while the phone is ringing but she tells him to pick it up. The offer is now £15,000. A big risk to carry on. Noel thinks its the Biggest Gamble or Biggest Mistake by the banker (whatever, Noel). Again, asking for very little help she goes straight to the decision. Its Deal, as we all knew it would be. Has she thrown away a big chance here? She says that she was thinking of her children, who she had promised to take on holiday. A sensible decision then, but will she regret it. After Noel hammers into her the possibility that the £250,000 is in her box, she continues...

(Hypothetical) Round 6
  • 18. Box 21 - Mark £5
  • 19. Box 15 - Paul £250 - Oh Dear
  • 20. Box 5 - Pierre 50p - She had blown it. It had been all there for the taking. But she would have had an enourmous decision to make at this point. She had left the 1p and £250,000. I can't remember that ever happening before. (Someone tell me if i'm wrong).

The offer would have been £60,000. I have a very bad feeling about this.
I'm really hoping that shes got the 1p in there.....
Noel opens the box and its the £250,000. Absolutely gutting. It would have been a huge risk. But she blew it. And she knew it. The worst deal ever according to Noel. The Banker had saved £235,000. Shirley completes the game with Box 1 which contained the 1p. She says she doesn't mind, and that she's off to see Take That!!

Another one for the stats, the 1p being in Box 1 and the £250,000 being in Box 22. A very entertaining game, but yet again i'm left feeling a little disappointed. She was a great contestant, with enough one-liners to keep the contestants going for weeks. I get the feeling that, had it not been for her children, she would have gone all the way. She will be wishing she did now. Great game.

Well, thats it. Don't sharpen those knives too much......

Debbie won £15,000


bal said...

excellent report. very enjoyable looks, like you'll be a regular!!!

bairy said...

It was a fantastic game. She looked so miffed at the end...
There were so many things to consider...
- Her kids - deal
- The astrology - go for it
- The fact it was the 3rd (I thought he said 3rd, could be 2nd) time running 22 was selected, and it was due a high - go for it
- The fact we haven't had 250k in the box for a while - go for it
- The fact she took out every red in succession except the elusive one - go for it
- But just those kids, and the 4:1 against - deal.

I think had the 250 had something up there with it, maybe the 50 or 75, she might have gone for it.

I thought the 15k offer was very mean, though understandable. But still, it's not a bad win considering the overall average is about 16.1k. Just a great pity she had the things holding her back.

P.S. Great report Chris.

Gillean said...

Well done Chris, excellent report, and has to be the record for publishing after the end of the show - about 30 minutes I reckon

Chris S said...

He he i'll try and beat that record next time :-)

Thanks for not slaughtering me everybody!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, does anybody know what has happened to Joseph? He has just mysteriously disappeared!?

Would be interested to know if anyone knew why.


Anonymous said...

Shows you shouldn't have kids - or at least not promise them anything from your winnings. LOL

Steve said...

Well done Chris... now why can't I post mine that quickly? I missed most of the show (damn schedule moving again!) so I needed a quick catch-up on what I'd missed.

I agree she had to deal at £15k: no condemnation here.