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Friday, June 16, 2006

Chrissie's Game Report

Hi this is Bal - Firstly I’m going to apologise profusely if this is not up to the standards set as I had a hyperactive 3 year old and 4 month old dominating my lounge and that’s not even mentioning the 28 year old baby! Although if it's that bad I may not have to do it again.................

As Noel came on to our screens, I was drawn to the hideous 70s curtain he decided to wear today, maybe we should start a collection for him so he can wear some easy on he eye shirts................

Noel began by reflecting on the terrible games we have had this week and how Ron may have turned that around. He had the extra courage to go that tiny bit further and then went on to his normal blurb about 22 boxes etc.....Who’s got a date with the scary chair.............

It's Chrissie and she carries over my box, number 22, she has to be the big winner! She spoke about her life and about her lifechanging trip to Nepal. She went on an expedition and explained that she left as a mouse and returned as a lion, therefore will face anything life will through at her. Personally I think it sounds like a monologue prepared for the banker's benefit. She then referred herself to another animal and said she was a sheep when she came on DOND and would leave as a mutton. I shall say no more, I’m being nice today! Noel tried to boost her confidence by reminding her of Ron's game and the extra courage that he had. Maybe he went to visit the wizard of oz, he looks like the lion doesn't he? Chrissie believes in fate and has a 'little' system, although if it stops working she said she would get up and walk round her chair and start again.

First Round
Chrissie began by picking Lee in his pink top who reminds me of a big cuddly teddy bear! He opened box 1 to reveal a whopping £75,000 and I didn't get to see him do his muscle flex thing!!
She shook it off and went on to choose box 9 and Ryan opened it to reveal £20,000. Next box 4 opened by Yvonne. It contained £15,000 and at this point Chrissie decided it wasn't going to plan so she walked around her chair to start again. Following this she went on to choose Frank with box 5 and he happily revealed £100, then she forgot how many boxes she had opened. This is always a bad thing to admit with the banker as he will play on this. Her final box of the round, no 3, was opened by Vic and contained £500. A nice end to what could have been a disastrous first round. The banker offered her £1950 and she replied with a polite no deal.

Second Round
Chrissie started off by choosing Amy’s box 6 and was ecstatic when she saw the £1 disappear. She then went on to choose Mark and box 21, if she was ecstatic before she was delirious with joy to see the 1p disappear into the blue mist. After the stress of the penny she took a few seconds to ponder her next move and settled on cry baby. Yes we all know who I’m talking about!! After a short break, we came back to see the highlights of lovely Saj's game. We are reminded of her brilliant game and the way she controlled the crowd. Now that was a tense game and I’m sure even viewers at home were rooting for her to do well. It may just be me but there hasn’t been that kind of chemistry for a while. All the while, Penny's expression hadn't changed and she seemed as worried as ever! She looked as if she wanted to cry even before she opened the box. She gingerly opened her box and revealed £10, I think everyone was relieved because she won't cry now! Although she still wasn’t smiling, it was forced, more like when you have to eat something you don't like and there’s no where to spit it out!!
Noel went back to converse with Saj and she told him how the game still makes her nervous and that her win hasn’t sunk in, not to mention that she's spent all her cash! She deserved to win big because of her courage and she came across as a really nice person! The banker then decided to call and was now considerably worried after being reminded of saj's game and her big win after a bad start. He offered her a very nice £10,000 to get rid of her and I was just waiting for Noel to comment that this was one of the second highest offers ever! He didn't ,maybe he's been reading the blog! When asked for an opinion Ashok went on to say it was a tricky offer and Noel jumped straight onto Penny ordering her to cheer up, her excuse was that she was concentrating. She then went onto amend this and say she's not well and it's because of the shouting. I hope the audience remember not to cheer for her when it's her turn!! Noel returned to Chrissie to ask her the big question and was interrupted by a sweet old dear who answered for Chrissie. Chrissie eventually gave her answer, no deal.

Third Round
With her system over, now it would be down to Chrissie’s intuition and luck. She went on to choose Linda and her box 15, revealing £1000 followed by box 17, Alan and the £250,000, recovering from that she promptly chose Pierre, box 14 and he had a comforting £50. He actually spoke today and promised her a low number. The banker followed with a call and was laughing at her misfortune. The sweet old dear in the audience thought the offer would be £50,ooo and reminded me of a former contestant who had silly ideas about the offers. Sarah, I think it was.
Noel promised to give her lessons on how it works after the show and then proceeded to tell Chrissie the offer of £5000 and she instantly asked for the question to which she replied no deal, making you wonder if this was going to be another disastrous game.

Fourth Round
She began this round by opting for Paul and box 2 and he stunned her with his £35,000, She then went on to limit the damage she had just done by choosing Mel and box 10 who happily showed her £5 and to finish the round she goes for Debbie and the ominous no 13 . Debbie promised to take her to the summit and ended up pushing her off it with the £50,000. It's now become a one box game! The banker offered £5700, she looked to her husband for moral support and he tried to reason with his eyes. He wanted her to deal but she stated she couldn't read his reaction. After a small sweep and a declaration from Wayne that the 100,000 was in his box she decided to go on and the crowd went wild. Her husband on the other hand was not happy and rolled his eyes at her decision.

Fifth Round
She chose the new black widow Bianca, poor girl, who revealed £3000 from box 20. Sally, the newcomer, opened box 8 and showed us £5000 and a nice finish with sue, box 11, a cuddly 10p! The crowd went completely wild and based her offer on the height of mount Everest in metres, £8853, which I felt was a bit mean. At this point, graham encouraged her not to deal, what a turnaround, but funnily enough she decided to deal and cut her losses. She reasoned that she wouldn't know what to spend 100,000 on anyway.

Sixth Round
Ashok box 1 £750
Eileen box 7 £250 Chrissie looked pretty gutted at this point.
Shirley box 11 and the £100,000 is revealed, relaxing all in the studio.
The bankers offer would have been £2400 and she commented that she would have taken the risk and gone on even though she might have go home with 50p. So with the 50p and £10,000 pounds still in play Noel opened her box and revealed the 50p, leaving the show on a high note for the weekend. We may have a turnip among us if no one wins the £250,000...................

Bal x

Chrissie won £8853


Steve said...

Hey Bal, I said you could do it!! No turnips in here. Well done: looks like you might have got yourself a regular gig!

Chris S said...

he he please let the 250k be tomorrow.....

Chris S said...

great report by the way :-)
Don't know what you were worried about.

Me next (i'm scared)