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Friday, June 23, 2006

Bianca's game report

Hi, everyone, its Chris back again for todays game report.

The show kicks off with the usual "22 sealed boxes....... money...... question..... large bowl of porridge" (ok, so I may have slightly made that last one up) and then, after the credits, noel (looking like a retro floral-patterned armchair) begins his usual waffle about dreams, factories, drama and other such things. He reflects on Shirleys game, and says that the game can be Treasure Island. He says that a bit of bravery can get contestants a long way (wise words armchair-man).

Who is it going to be today? The lights fall on Bianca Marshall (Bianca meet the Banker says Noel. Hilarious)
Bianca looks slightly scared but is smiling as she takes Box 22 (ooo its 22 again) to the table.
Noel points out that the last time Box 22 was there, it was £250,000. Bianca says that she thinks its there again (don't they all). She shows pictures of her children. Her children have picked her a list of numbers. She says that she is a lucky person with regards to her family, and points to her mother in the audience. She plans to open a boutique with her winnings (they all have big plans don't they).

Noel runs through the usual guff, and then gets on with it.

Round 1
  • 1. Box 14 - Mark £100 - Good start, cheers from the audience.
  • 2. Box 2 - Linda £10,000 - Slightly muted applause, but its not too bad.
  • 3. Box 15 - Alan - £35,000 - Again, fine at this point. She says, rather prematurely, that she is gutted.
  • 4. Box 11 - Nick - £20,000 - Obliterating the lower reds her.
  • 5. Box 19 - Pennie - 50p - Bianca jumps up and down, relieved to hit a blue for a change.

The banker calls straight away. Bianca is going a bit silly on the chair, and Noel isn't on the phone for very long. The banker is concentrating on the 22 having £250,000 twice before. He offers her a swap as he is scared that its there again. This is only the second time hes done this and its already getting ridiculous. He also tries to chat up Bianca's mum (.....oh dear).

She turns down the swap immediately, however, and on we go....

Round 2

  • 6. Box 7 - Connell £75,000 - Absolute silence
  • 7. Box 8 - Chris 1p - thats more like it, an absolutely insane cackle from Bianca

Bianca picks Melanie next, but Noel calls a break, saying that if she had swapped with Nick, she would have won £75,000. Spot the total error here. Sort it out Noel....

Back after the break and Noel checks that she still wants Box 4. She says she does and on we go...

  • 8. Box 4 - Melanie £100,000 - She should have changed her mind.....

She says that she is not frightened of the banker. The Banker, however, is laughing (Noel does the phone-to-the-mic thing again). After another chat up line directed at Bianca's mum, the offer is £5,000.

She looks at the board briefly, but there is no real doubt as to the decision here. It is No Deal.

Needs a good one here.... Noel suggest a quickie, and then tells the audience off for chuckling. Cheeky....

Round 3-Quickie

  • 9. Box 6 - Monica £5 - Cheers
  • 10. Box 1 - Ashok £50 - More cheers
  • 11. Box 21 - Roy £500 - Noel delivers another satisfying quickie, Bianca says that quickies are always good. Oh the humour....

Can't deny though that it was a great round, and the banker takes a little longer to call this time.

He calls down Bianca's mum to the phone to chat her up a bit more. Noel is not impressed however and exclaims "Oh, Please!!" A great moment. The banker tells her mum the next offer. Its now £10,000. Noel doesn't believe her however and phones the banker back!! This is a first. He asks if he really offered £50,000. The banker replies that it really was 10k, but there were conditions attached (again, oh dear).

Bianca seems to be considering this offer seriously, and she asks for the sweep. Every single person says No Deal, but its her decision. She very, very quickly says No Deal, and tries to hype up the crowd again.


Round 4

  • 12. Box 5 - Amy £15,000 - The backup has now gone. Its £250k, £50k, and not a lot else.
  • 13. Box 18 - Sally 10p - This game is now beginning to get interesting, the tension is slowly rising.

Bianca then asks for Pierre's Box 20, but Noel calls a break, wondering if the next box is going to kill the game off, and whether Bianca's mother is about to become the seventh Mrs. Banker.

After the break, Noel again double-checks that Bianca still wants Box 20, she again says she does....

  • 14. Box 20 - Pierre £50,000 - Its a one box game, Bianca begins to cry.

She is now looking desperate, Pennie's crying too (again). Its all going wrong. Or is it? This sort of board forces people to play to the end, and if the £250k is indeed there again, she has a very good chance of winning it now. After her mother returns to the table to comfort her, the banker calls and offers £3,800. She looks complative for a while, and then suddenly demands the question. Which way is this going? She's no dealt again. This is going all the way I think.... Noel wants this to be a successful round. She calls another Quickie

Round 5

  • 15. Box 13 - Paul £1 - Getting louder...
  • 16. Box 17 - Lynda £250,000 - And its all gone quite, its peanutsland
  • 17. Box 03 - Ryan £5,000 - Big ouch

£3,000 is now the highest amount left. The bankers offer is now £600. Utter silence as Noel asks the question.

Round 6

  • 18. Box 12 - Sue £250 - Noel is trying to inject some enthusiasm, but this game is now dead
  • 19. Box 16 - Janelle £10 - Great stuff
  • 20. Box 10 - Vic £750 - A very unlikely all-blue round.

We are left with £1,000 and £3,000. Bianca is now utterly broken. Noel tries to cheer her up by pretending to cry, which seems to work. The banker says that he read Bianca wrong, that he had assumed that she was only interested in shoes and bags, and not her kids, and he had now been proved wrong. The offer is now £2,000. A rare occasion that the banker offers the average. Noel says that if she wins the extra £1,000 she can buy then some more tissues as they've run out. But she deals.

She says that she thinks that the £3,000 is in Box 22. Noel tries to cheer her up, but then opens the box to reveal £3,000. She looks totally gutted. It was a game that looked pretty promising at one point, but then collapsed before the offers got off the ground. A disappointing game. Bianca didn't really do anything wrong at any point, she was just extremely unlucky. The loss of the £250,000 seemed to hit her extremely hard, and she was crying for the rest of the game, but at least she went away with a reasonable amount.

Bianca won £2,000.


Chris S said...

He he, one minute past five.
Not bad if i do say so myself :-)

Steve said...


Chris S said...

*raises eyebrows* how, may i ask?

Steve said...

Just watched Bianca's game on More 4...

All I can say is that she is *so* lucky that she was Friday and not Thursday because that pathetic weeping would have extracted such a negative response from me.

There have been contestants on the show who came with nothing: Mally was living in a hostel, Yvonne's husband's illness meant that the family was surviving on benefits etc.

Bianca chose to turn down £10k but still won £2k. She is clearly not on skid row: quite frankly, I think she ought to be embarrassed by her reaction.

Chris, your patience impresses me: I think my game report would have fallen into the category of "excoriating", whilst yours was rather tolerant!

For the first time ever, I rather wish she'd won 10p: now that would have given her something to cry about.

Chris S said...

I see you point :-)

bairy said...

I honestly don't think it was the money that upset her.

Sure she fitted the expensive clothes & shoe loving blonde stereotype, not exactly discounted by her top and lack of bra (oh come on, we all looked).
But she was also a mother of two (meaning it wasn't likely to be an accidental teenage child) and I geniunely think the 2k will go to the kids.

I think she got upset because the whole thing about being on tele and the fact it was her game and she'd have to go hit her. Emotionally she was jumping round one minute and floored the next. I really think it was more shock than the money itself, and losing the 50k was just what tipped it over.

Pennie reminds me of Geordie. Everytime someone got a bad box he looked like he was gonna start throwing things around and battering people (absolutely no stereotyping included, it's just how he looked). She cries. The thing is she always cries. Bad box = cry. Deal then a higher offer = cry. Her first offer will be a box of kleenex and a set of "don't take it so seriously" guidelines!

In any case, loved Noel's fake crying and tantrum about the tissues. Made him look stupid but it cheered her up and made me smile.

P.S. Well done on the 5:05 release.

Anonymous said...

c'mon lads!...has no one noticed bianca is one of the most beautiful women who've ever appeared on dond...her tears only enhanced this; showing she was not only feisty and wild...but vulnerable too...and if I get this part playing the new james bond, she'll certainly be my partner in crime fighting...and she won't get killed at the end either!

Gillean said...

Its OK Leo, its just a film, they don't actually die :-)

Anonymous said...

Well, where do they go then? !...I've squared it with my wife, and if things don't work out for Bianca after the movie, she can come and live with us...I'm lucky to be married to such an understanding woman...

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