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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Student Speaks II:- The Wrong Stuff

What a disappointing week it has been so far in the world of DOND!!

Promising games, both ended with the sudden destruction of the power five.

I still think that my theory about the braver players winning more extreme amounts of money, high or (more often) low, still holds true. Claire was brave enough to win the big money, Dave E was definately daring enough, but so far, whenever people try to push their luck, it turns round and bites them.

It is interesting that all four of the 1p winners we have had so far (Nick, Trevor, Fadil and now Dave E) all had similar games, where they just pushed their luck a little too far. Dave E's game, in particular, with his no deal at a 4:1 split, was always going to end in tears. Of course it will only take one person to take on the banker with 1p, 10p, £5, £50 and £250,000 left and win the big one to shut up all of us theorists.

Claire and James's games were both extremely unlucky, and both deserved far more than what they got, but at least they both kept us entertained! A couple of weeks ago, there was a run of about 10 shows, where people kept dealing far too early. That phase seems to have passed with J.T's game, and more recently Gary's game. It seems to me that what i would call the 'big games' (i.e. Sam, Saj, Lucy, Kirsty, J.T., Gary etc) seem to define how the next few games will go. So I just wonder now, if Dave Es collapse to 1p yesterday will now cause another run of over-caution. I hope not....


Anonymous said...

Personally I think that the only way we'll ever see a 250k win is if a contestent gets to the final two with 100k and 250k - the bankers offer would be big but whatever happens you'd walk away with life changing money.

Chris S said...

I sort of agree with you, but i think that a more aggressive player would gamble if the lower figure was 5 figures. I'd like to think that I would. :-)

Gillean said...

Don't forget about Kirsty. I think it is really interesting that there are four males in the 1p club, and the only person to get close to winning the £250,000 was a woman - so maybe aggression is not the right ingredient.