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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Separated by a common language - Part 2

Hey there - I'm planning on being a regular contributor analysing game statistics on a week-by-week basis. My starting position is that (like Poker for instance) the numbers in the boxes (or the cards in your hand) aren't that important, it's the contestants' response to them that counts...

However, more of that as the weeks go on. Having just come back from a very pleasant week in the US with Mrs. Adie, and to start contributing sooner rather than later, I thought the UK readers of this blog would like a first hand review of the US version, which believe me is very different...

[Check out randomthought's post for video clips of the US show]

1) THE SHOW - has been showing regularly since the beginning of the year, twice a week only (Mondays & Friday nights in primetime), though they had a "Special" show midweek while we were there. The show lasts an hour, but almost 20 minutes of this is ads of course...

2) THE HOST - stand-up comedian Howie Mandel. He also acts (some might remember him from "St. Elsewhere") and was the "voice" of Gizmo in the "Gremlins" movies. He's a hipper presence than our Noel, very overtly on the player's side, but tends to have far shorter conversations with The Banker, just long enough to get the offer and little more.

2) THE BANKER - he's actually visible, albeit as a silhouette in a booth way above the playing area. In a nice touch he's surrounded by big plasma screens full of ever-changing graphs and numbers, as if to indicate the whole of NASA is helping him calculate his offers, which are actually more generous than the UK Banker's offers, at least in the early stages of the game (but that's possibly a function of having a higher top prize.)

3) THE PRIZES - $1,000,000 top prize (about £570,000 in "real" money at time of writing)

4) THE BOXES - actually steel briefcases, 26 of them, opened 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 at a time with an offer after each

5) THE CONTESTANTS - we only meet them one at a time each show. In what I think is a fatal error, we don't get to know the contestants over a period of weeks (or months in Lucy's case!) so there's no emotional buy-in to seeing a favourite player beating (or taking a beating from) The Banker... instead we have a host of glamour models holding & opening the cases (what is the collective noun for glamour models by the way? A Whoop? A Phlange? A Moss?)

6) THE AUDIENCE - a huge audience (compared to the UK) endlesly screaming for a "no deal", plus 3 selected friends/family members in a special enclosure the contestant can call on for advice.

7) THE DEAL - you push a big glowing red button to take the deal - to turn it down you cover the button with a handy little glass covering.

Otherwise, the same as the UK, but that's a lot of big differences for what is essentially a very simple game... braver souls than myself might wish to posit that these differences sum up the gap between the US and the UK (big, brash, loud & impersonal vs. small, modest & intimate) but hey, it's only a game folks (and for the avoidance of doubt, our version's better!)

See more and play a fine online version of the game here http://www.nbc.com/Deal_or_No_Deal/

Looking forward to sharing my thoughts with all you fellow DOND fanatics... in the meantime, NO DEAL!

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RandomThoughts said...

Great to have you on board Adie, much enjoyed your analysis of the US version. Looking forward to your future contributions.