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Friday, July 14, 2006

Sally's Game

Noel's shirt today looks like someone was sick on it. Not as distracting as usual but really not great.

His speech is basically saying he was trying to describe a perfect game of dond. He came up with "Serendipity" which means 'Happening on something lucky quite by chance'. I'm not sure how that description relates to a perfect game, to me it just describes any game as they're all lucky to be there. But anyway...

Today is Sally's game. She's the current cute one that they like to keep on rotation. Noel struggles to put his tounge back in as she takes the walk.
She's Sally Kettle from Surrey. A Freelance speaker - she gives motivational speeches. She's rowed east-west (UK > US) across the Atlantic twice and would do it again.
Aside from ocean rowing she enjoys dancing naked saying she likes to jiggle the wobbly bits. The inuendo flies and an almost-embarrassed Noel shuffles about trying to think of something appropriate to say.

She's the last player with one of Ron's good luck gifts. Though she doesn't believe in fate as such she displays it out of respect for him.
Her game system is a reference to the boats in her rowing race.

Round 1
  • Box 21 - £3,000
  • Box 19 - £10,000
  • Box 1 - £50
  • Box 12 - £5
  • Box 9 - £35,000
21 and 19 weren't in the race and the audience suggested she get them out the way first.
The logic with the other three being 1, 12, 9 all capsized so were all first out.

They speak about when the irish guy's boat capsized. The back of the boat got pulled off. Noel asks if they forgot to remove the mooring rope then does a pretty good irish impression vaguely making fun "Oh dear the back of the boat's gone. Ah well at least we've still got the front". From his slight nerves I'd actually say he was trying to impress her as much as make a joke.

The call - The banker sees Sally as formidable. I'd agree.
The offer - £8,800. Despite losing 10k and 35k that's a crackin start.
It's fair to say she'd decided she was going on even before the offer was stated.

Round 2
  • Box 2 - £750 - The last of the capsizers.
  • Box 15 - £5,000
  • Noel's pun of the day is "Make yourself a cup of tea. Oh, no you can't cos we've got the kettle [her surname]". Quite.
  • Box 11 - £50,000 - Boat 11 was her boat.

There's now a couple of big gaps in the red block.

The call - Noel just listened in silence for a bit and no comment.
The offer - £18,800

She's very intelligent in this game. She did have a little think about it and stated she knew what he was doing: "Throwing in a big second offer because he thinks I'll go downhill". It proves she's really paying attention and thinking about this game.

Round 3
  • Box [missed number] - £100,000 - Who couldn't see that coming!
  • Box 5 - £10
  • Box 18 - 10p

The call - The banker has noticed that not only does she mention numbers but also mentions the people in the boats. He sees her as being selfless and admires it.
The offer - stuck at £18,800 despite the loss of 100k.
She does her own "sweep" (ended up as just 4 people) - Lance says she has luck all over her face, 3 others agree. She states she's here to play the game and quickly answers with no deal.

Round 4
  • Box 17 - £75,000 - top 3 values are now 250k, 20k, 15k
  • Box 13 - £250,000 - She's deflated, the studio sits in silence.
  • Break time and she's visibly upset, presumably realising that she's not seeing anywhere near 18.8k again (well, 1 in 9 chance of 20k in her box)
  • Box 16 - £1,000

The call - The banker found it wonderful to sail the cape of 75,000 and round the island of 250,000.
It's now 6 blues vs 2 reds (and the 1p is still there)
The offer - £1,829. It was explained why the 829 but Lance was too quick and quiet for me to catch it.
Sally says he's forcing her to play on. With 6 blues : 2 reds I think she's playing a risky game.

Round 5
  • Box 10 - £1
  • Box 4 - £100
  • The tissues come out as the game starts to get to her.
  • Box 22 - £20,000 - only 15k left on the reds.

The call - The banker states that the 4 members of the 1p club will be scrubbing the phonebox clean ready for her.
The offer - £1,111
She's re-iterated that she's here to play the game whatever the outcome.

Round 6
  • Box 14 - £15,000. Just the 4 blues left.
  • Box 20 - £500 - she tells how they were French and had both lost their legs and wishes she had half the courage they did.
  • Box 8 - £250

Just 1p and 50p left. She wants the 1p now so at least she has the story / hall of fame entry.
The call - The banker talks to Sally direct for a minute and as another tissue gets used, Noel listens to the banker then repeats his words. The banker accepts she's had relentless bad luck. The general implication is that she could have taken him for a heap had she had good luck.
Noel actually forgets what the offer is requiring the banker to call back, but it's really just a formality as everyone knows what she's going to do.
The offer - 21p. Is that the lowest in-play offer ever? I think it is.

Well she wants the 1p and ... she has it. She's the happiest she's been all show! I suppose it's a dream of sorts.

As a sidenote we find out that the values (which are raised for some bizarre reason) are printed on cards that are velcro'd in, as Noel rips out the 1p card and gives it to her upon her request.

To summarise: Sally rowed across the Atlantic twice for charity. She seemed a lovely girl willing to give credit to all the other competitors. We often hear how the players deserve the money for one reason or another but in this case I think she really really did. She was focused throughout and knew what she was doing and that made her a real contender. It was just a shame that the boxes didn't come out for her. On the other hand, being the first female 1p winner will give her a touch of fame and she did geniunely seem pleased with it - or at least, she accepted and made the most of it where other players may have just sank and cried (mind, she is a motivational speaker). That gave the end of the game a lighter feel at least.

Sally won 1p.


√Ćain said...

Gosh, poor Sally, lucky guys in the 1p phonebox, well done Bairy, great report, I felt I was there.

Anonymous said...

Lovely lady - she deserved more - but what an excellent game she gave us. Cheers! Gloria

Anonymous said...

Lovely lady - she deserved more - but what an excellent game she gave us. Cheers! Gloria

AnJaka said...

Great Work!!!
this is a good link you can refer Art Collection

Anonymous said...

Yes what a great lady ... no doubt she is an excellent motivational speaker - Sally Kettle