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Friday, July 21, 2006

Naqiyah's Game

Todays speech is about how its been a bad week, how Chris the dealer found extra courage but still got beat by the banker and how it's his week.

Noel is wearing the dond cufflinks - could that be lucky?
He's also wearing a shirt that's had a 3 year old crayon'ing it. It's black with plant-like shapes on it.

Today's player is Naqiyah (female) with box 20. She's 22 with a degree in business & psychology. She tells the banker she could find him a job if he likes.
She'll split winnings in 3: 1/3rd of winnings to friends family. The others weren't specified.
She likes the number 7 and multiples of it.
Thankfully she seems calm. A welcome break after yesterday.

Round 1
She wants to keep Sal to the end cos she has 7. Will the first offer be a swap then?
  • Bill - Box 21 - £1
  • Mark - Box 1 - £100
  • Helen - Box 2 - £5,000
  • Ottis - Box 13 - £35,000
  • Georgio - Box ? - £250,000

Call: Banker picks up on her business & psychology. He has a fondness for Naqiyah. Accepts she may be a problem. He's picked up on her sister saying she's "extremely unlucky" and has fallen in love with her.
Offer: A swap. Who'd have thought it!
Naqiyah believes in fate & destiny. If she's likely to leave with lots she will.
Result: No Swap.

Round 2
  • Sarah - Box 22 - £500
  • Carny(?sp) - Box 19 - 1p
  • Adam - Box 3 - £100,000

She claims she's usually accurate when guessing the banker's offers.
Offer: £7,777
She repeated it to herself but had already decided.
Answer: No deal.

Round 3
  • Lance Box 10 50p
  • Maddie Box 12 £250
  • Ashley Box 17 £750

Call: Naqiyah would like to talk to the banker, he says yes. She comments how he sounds exactly like Lance. The banker tells Noel she's made a terrible mistake though no details were given.
Offer: £14,014 - I bet the folks at wikipedia love explaining these 'unusual' offers!
She seems to think about it though I think she's just padding time.
Answer: No deal.
Call (yup, again): She looks slightly concerned as the Banker tells Noel that she's made 2 really bad mistakes: not taking the swap and not taking the £14k which was "almost the mean". He's playing psychological games, clearly.

Round 4
  • Sandra - Box 9 - £75,000
  • Barbara - Box 5 - £3,000
  • Emi - Box 4 - £10

3 blues, 5 reds the highest being £50k.
Call: The banker is "worrying for her because he thinks she'll have to go to the end." She says "That's not worrying, that's the game." She's bright!
Offer: £4,949.
No real thought needed.
Answer: No deal.

Round 5
  • Nev - Box 6 - 10p
  • Paul - Box 16 - £10,000
  • Lindsay - Box 11 - £1,000

£5, £50, £15k, £20k, £50k. The mean is around 17k.
Call: Nothing really said.
Offer: £7,777
She states she's here to play the game and showing real determination. As Noel is asking the question...
Call: The banker calls back saying he was returning to offer 2, now he's returning to offer 3.
Offer: £14,014 - I was gonna say the £7k offer was really low considering what's left. Even the £14k seems quite low compared.
Another discussion and.... another
Call: The banker called just to say he's looking forward to hearing the answer, more mind games.
Answer: Deal!

She says she's happy and it's 7-8 months worth of work.

Round 6
  • Nick - Box 14 - £15,000
  • Sharron - Box 18 - £50,000
  • Steph - Box 8 - £50

Call: Nothing said
Offer: £4,949

In her box: £20k in box 20.
Box 7 which she didn't swap to and loved has the remaining £5.

Well, after yesterday's frankly annoying game, it was nice to have a quiet civilised one that just ran at it's own pace. The mind games were slightly amusing though that phone ringing so much wasn't. He rang back to offer the 14k after she talked up about playing the game, I'm not sure if he'd have done that anyway - given the board at the time I'd say he would have done therefore she came away with the best offer she'd had all game even if it was the second time she was offered it.
Tomorrow is the last game before summer break.

Naqiyah won £14,014

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leo said...

lovely girl...great game. congratulations naqiyah!