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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Monica’s Game

Hi everyone, it’s Tuesday so this must be Adie’s game report, good to have you with me. Noel’s in a pink flowery shirt today, and informs us that this is a game about control… to be specific, controlling your greed, your nerves, and (but of course) The Banker!

Today’s contestant carrying Box 12 and giving a nice curtsey on the way to the chair is Monica Waterman from Essex (do I always get the Essex girls?) She’s a director of her son’s software company and is described during today’s game as both “severe” and “menacing” which I can’t really improve upon, except to possibly add “milk-curdling” to the adjectives list, not that she’s unattractive, just… well… “stern.” Anyway, she’s been married for 37 years to Michael who’s with her in the studio. 14 years ago Michael nearly died when a heart valve failed, leaving him on life support for 11 days with all his vital functions failing, though he seems in the best of health now. Like Linda recently, Monica used to run a ladieswear market stall, and also like Linda had a man amongst her customers (maybe it was the same man?)

Monica’s photos are of her 3 children – Robert, Nicola and Johnathan – and she confides that Robert suffers from Crohn’s disease, and a big win today will go towards taking him to the US for treatment… another photo is of her grandmother, a gambler, and she goes to great pains to tell The Banker that there’s a gambling streak in her family… enough clues to The Banker already, let’s play!

Box 8 (Lance) £750
Box 17 (new boy Nev) £5,000
Box 2 (Naqyah) £50,000
Box 4 (Steph) 1p
Box 10 (Sharon) £1,000

Not a bad opening round, the loss of the £50,000 balanced by the removal of the 1p early on. The Banker refers to Monica as “a powerful presence” and reminds us that her advice to previous players was always to “No Deal”, offering her a swiftly rejected £8,012 (the extra and soon-to-be-recurring “12” simply a reference to her box number…)


Box 11 (Linda) £100
Box 7 (Sue) £3,000
Box 1 (Sally) £1

A great round, with the top 8 remaining intact other than the £50,000, making this a strong board. Invitations by Noel for Monica to jot down her target win are brusquely but politely dismissed, the politeness acknowledged by a “terrified” Banker who appreciatively offers an excellent £19,012 to a huge round of applause, but which is nonetheless swiftly rejected… onwards!

Box 14 (Lindsay) £20,000
Box 15 (Monica’s “very best friend” Chris) a definitely un-friendly £75,000
Box 18 (Sandra) £10

Hmmm, we’re now down to 5 of the top 7 left intact, though the top 2 are still in play, which is the only explanation for the raised offer of £20,012, given despite the loss of the £75,000 (stick around, it gets better/worse!) Noel, never at a loss for hyperbole, swears that this is a “totally extraordinary” game, and Monica thinks she might be falling in love with The Banker. Some nice bits of business with hubby later the deal is rejected and we’re into…

Monica asks for Michael to join her, and Noel promptly gets him a chair to give us our first ever double-contestant (look for this to become a regular thing soon, mark my words…)
Box 21 (John) £500
Box 13 (Mark) £100,000
Box 19 (Connell) £5

Monica had less than a 50% chance of keeping the top 2 boxes, and she didn’t beat the odds. The Banker has a “good feeling” about this game now the £100,000 has gone, but in one of those “… the hell?!” moments, actually raises the offer (again!) to £21,012! Now if that had me wondering if I was missing something, the fact that Monica rejected this offer actually had me throwing things at the screen – c’mon Monica, you’ve seen this show, you must know how it goes from here… oh well, onto…

Box 16 (Debbie) £250
Box 5 (Nick) £250,000
Box 22 (Otis) £50

And almost inevitably, there goes the £250,000 and the one-box game has evaporated into a (still generous) offer of £12,000, “a good sum of money in the circumstances” we’re told. A look at the picture of her grandmother and a few bits of advice from the wings later, as Lindsay bites her lip, Monica says “It’s a deal!” (and thank god for that!)

Box 3 (Giorgio, with hat) £10,000
Box 9 (Helen) £35,000
Box 20 (Buddy who inevitably hums “can you spare a dime”) 10p

Well there goes the £35,000, so Monica’s deal is validated, though I’m amazed to hear her and Michael brazenly say they would have rejected the £7,000 offer – is it me, or would £7,000 towards their son’s medical treatment be better than going home with 50p?

With 50p and £15,000 remaining, Noel opens Monica’s box to show… £15,000! Paul reveals the 50p in his Box 6 and we’re done. Monica didn’t beat the banker, and (for my money) was lured by The Banker into behaving like the reckless gambler she’d presented herself as, and subsequently went on further than she should have… not a bad game, though hardly classic, and at least Noel’s “sorry to see her go” and invites us to see who’s in “TV’s loneliest chair” tomorrow.

Hope you enjoyed that recap… I’m sure I speak for all the other reporters when I say we love getting your feedback, and I’d also be fascinated to know why you (yes, you!) read these reports – did you miss this game and want to catch up, are you keeping track of the boxes throughout the series, do you just enjoy reliving the whole 45 minutes next day with a cuppa…? Thanks anyway, and ‘til next time, “NO DEAL!”

Monica won £12,000.


Ìain said...

Well done Adie, I really enjoyed that. You may be interested to know that while I am the first to comment, your article has actually been read by over 1200 people so far today! God knows what we need to do to get any of them to comment.

Teo said...

Why do I read the blog? As a recap, to get someone else's perspective, to meet a partner (oops, wrong site). And I have a bet on how naff Noel's opening remarks will be.

Steve said...

Write something please, visitors.

You don't have to give your name and you may receive a cash reward. Then again, you may not.

Anonymous said...

I read it because I miss the show sometimes, and read reports of games I've seen because I find most of the reports quite funny. Also, you get opinion on the games, not just a quick factual recap. Keep up the good work, guys!


Anonymous said...

I read it because I miss the show sometimes, and read reports of games I've seen because I find most of the reports quite funny. Also, you get opinion on the games, not just a quick factual recap. Keep up the good work, guys!