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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Debbie's Game

Hi everyone, is it hot in here or is it just me? It’s Adie’s last Tuesday game recap before the Summer break, and I’m sweating cobs (as my Mother would say), so hope it’s a little cooler where you are… anyway, that probably wasn’t an issue when this edition was recorded back in May-time, so let’s move on… Noel’s resplendent in a lilac striped shirt today and reminds us (in case we needed reminding) that it’s been a bad week and that the memories of the 2 recently-inducted members of the 1p club will have to force today’s player to draw on some extra courage to beat The Banker…

A quick intro to latest new boy Ashley later, and we meet today’s contestant, Debbie Crook from St. Helen’s on Merseyside. She’s got Box 8 and gives the now-traditional curtsey to the wings on the way to the chair. Though not quite the archetypal “chirpy scouser”, she’s bright and bubbly, and seems genuinely excited to be there. She’s been with her husband Graham for 19 years and they met over a meat & potato pie at the pie shop opposite her place of work, Graham being impressed that she was an actual “Wigan Pie Eater” (as they are apparently known.) On being asked for any other romantic anecdotes, she quotes Lance with a jaunty “ding dong!” in the Leslie Phillips style (and BTW, I know it’s unfair for us to play favourites, but I’d really like Lance to get his game before the summer break…)

Anyway, Debbie’s also completely besotted by her dog Rufus, of whom more later. Noel atypically skips over the photos and a poem (albeit temporarily) so we can get straight on, but Debbie insists on getting out two lucky pennies, one found by Chris, another blessed in church by Nick. Describing herself as “a nice girl, very shy,” Debbie instantly and cheekily proceeds to hoist up her bosom in the Les Dawson gossipy neighbour fashion, and we’re off!

Box 12 (Paul) 1p
Box 19 (Nick) 50p
Box 17 (Emmy) £50 (“a stunner” according to Mrs. Adie)
Box 1 (Mark) £35,000
Box 3 (Maddie) £75,000

The perfect start and instant reveal of the 1p soon turns sour with 2 of the big 5 going too, but Debbie’s in good spirits, asking the players and the audience if they’re happy... the audience are obviously too happy as she suspects they can see her bum, leading us into a surreal interlude in which it’s revealed that Ottis likes big bums, and how this came up in a conversation about his wife… one way or another I think Ottis is in trouble with Mrs. Ottis here… Debbie also takes the opportunity to read out the good luck poem from her parents before The Banker calls with his “meat and potatoes” offer of £5,900, which despite being “alright” is instantly rejected…

Just enough time for Debbie’s photos of Graham and Rufus the dog, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Bob Carolgees’ puppet dog Spit… Tiswas fans might insert their own “custard pie” pun here…

Box 10 (Giorgio) £1 and big cheers for the cat in the hat…
Box 2 (Adam) £750
Box 5 (Helen) £250,000

“Don’t worry,” says Debbie on seeing The Big One, “I’ve still got the £100k, £50k and £20k left…” True enough, but after recent events, the audience isn’t feeling the happy vibe here… The Banker’s pun dictionary is clearly opened to “Pie” as he states he’s going to make “mincemeat” out of Debbie before offering her £3,142 (3.142… pi… geddit?!) An instant “No Deal” is greeted with cheers of “Come on Debbie” as we head forth into…

Box 14 (Khani) £20,000
Box 4 (Lance) a gentlemanly £5, and a less than gentlemanly request to see “A big wobble” from Debbie…
Box 21 (Sandra) £500

Noel hoped The Banker would eat some Humble Pie this round (groan!) but the £20,000 is another setback to Debbie’s game. A fondle and a smell of the lucky teabag later, the offer comes in, £10,000.01… not bad with 4 blues against 7 reds including the £100k and £50k, but a quick sweep shows nearly everyone recommending she carries on, and “No Deal” it is!

Box 16 (Sarah) £100,000, and the dream is crumbling,
Box 15 (Sharon) £100, literally a thousand times better,
Box 9 (Lindsay) £3,000

Debbie’s chances of keeping the top 2 boxes were around 50/50, but her luck wasn’t up to the task... £50,000 is now the target, but The Banker goes in for the kill with an offer of £5,000… John says it’s “still reasonable”, but one sip of tea (with an implied slug of brandy) is all it takes for Debbie to make up her mind, and it’s “No Deal”…


Box 6 (the ever-popular Chris) £15,000
Box 18 (Ashley) £5,000
Box 11 (Steph) £50,000

Scarily enough, Steph had said all along that she felt she had a big number in her box, and so it proved, leaving the £10,000 as Debbie’s best-case scenario, despite Debbie leading the troops in some massed lucky box-rubbing… Debbie’s not bothered, she’s made some great friends, and the “emergency” offer of £999 is instantly rejected with a cheeky smile…

Box 7 (Nev) £10,000
Box 20 (John) £10
Box 13 (Ottis) £1,000

And the dream is over, but “it’s alright, I’m not crying, I’ll save it for later…” Noel throws away the “lucky” teabag in disgust, and we’re left with 10p vs. £250. After just a little thought and encouragement from the wings, The Banker’s offer of £99 is rejected…

No swap is apparently offered, though we’ve had this debate here before and we’ll assume it was edited out (NOTE TO ENDEMOL – leave the swap offer in, we get suspicious when it’s left out!!) Noel opens Debbie’s box to reveal… £250! Naqyah reveals the 10p in Box 22 and that’s the game!

As Noel says, Debbie had rotten luck throughout, and a big win was never in sight. Debbie’s fine about it, and only starts to cry when she talks about all the friends she’s made, and once again it really comes across what a great personal experience DOND can be for the players, regardless of what they win (or don’t…) Debbie was sparkling and bubbly and gave us good entertainment, and it’s a shame she won’t have more than £250 to show for it, but I’m sure she’ll be fine.

Noel says we’ll have a “Totally Rampant” Banker on our hands tomorrow after such a disastrous few days, and it’s hard to argue with him… will this season end with the worst ever week for the contestants? Stay tuned and find out!!

In case this is my last report for a while, thanks for reading, enjoy the rest of the summer, try and do something useful with the 45 minutes you’ll save each day :-) and see you in the Autumn… ‘til then, “NO DEAL!”

Debbie won £250.

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jh said...

Re. the swap offer - I agree they should always make and broadcast it when there's significant money at stake.

However, with two blues left it only prolongs the agony for the unfortunate contestant so there's no point really.